"Thanks again for looking after Holly last week. It was great to go away and feel that Holly was in a good hands and I didn't have to worry about her. I really appreciated the emails and photos you sent while I was away, which reassured me that all was well.
She must have had lots of activity last week as she was a tired doggy all weekend!!
I will definitely be contacting you again in the near future."

--F. Kane, Oakville

"In May of 2010, my husband and I got married in Hawaii. I scoured the internet to find suitable in-home boarding for our boy, as kennels were not an option for us. That's when I found Alison at See Spot Walk.

Of all the places I found online, Alison was by far the most responsive and warm-hearted dog walker we met. She really took the time to answer all my questions and was so accommodating from the moment we made contact, right up until Leeroy came home. While we were away, Alison even shared a quick update via e-mail about how Leeroy was doing. He made fast friends with some of the other dogs in Alison's care and he was enjoying his nature hikes at Bronte park. At night, he was so contented that he even took it upon himself to make himself comfortable, snuggling on Alison's lap while the family watched TV! (Just like he does with Mommy at home!)

Knowing that our boy was in good hands really helped us to fully enjoy our vacation and special day worry-free. She certainly gave him all the love and attention he would have had if we were home; for that we are truly grateful! We can't say enough about See Spot Walk and would recommend it to friends and family in a heartbeat. Thanks Alison!"

--Beryl B., Mississauga
"I just wanted to say thank you once again for taking such great care of Ella. This is the first time we have been away from her and could not bear the thought of leaving her in a sterile kennel day in and day out. Ella, as you know, needs people and attention, in fact we call her "Velcro".
We were so pleased that she was in such great hands. There are not a lot of people who would have been able to get her to the vet and look after her in such a caring way as you did, and we are grateful to have had you there for her. She is doing very well now, thanks to your quick catch and help.
When next we go away, I can't imagine her going any where else.
Thanks again!"

--Lisa M., Burlington

"Hi Alison, I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for taking such good care of Butzi last week. She came home happy, contented and pooped out from all the exercise & fun she had with your family. Itís so nice to be able to go away without worrying about leaving her in a kennel that she hates. Thanks again!"

--Kathleen R., Oakville

"Could you please take Rosie on Monday for a walk with your pack? She turns 2 on Monday, so I just want her day to be ďa special oneĒ and as she loves you, it will be the best gift for her."

--Kamila N., Burlington

"Alison has such a wonderful way with dogs. My dog Teddy has been going on hikes with Alison 3 days per week since June/08. Teddy waits by the door for Alison every morning. She looks forward to that walk every day. It breaks my heart to see her waiting there on the days Alison isn't coming.
We are very pleased with Alison's service. She is always reliable and friendly. She also took care of Teddy when we went on a family trip to Italy this past summer. I was able to really enjoy the trip as I knew Teddy was being very well taken care of and wasn't lonely at all.
I would highly recommend "See Spot Walk"."

--Sarah M., Oakville

"Alison was referred to me by one of her first clients. Our Lab puppy Riley was up to typical puppy mischief before his walks commenced in October 2008 ( at 8 months). Now, as he approaches his first birthday he is a very settled and happy dog. The socialization and exercise he receives, not to mention the affection from Alison, has truly helped to make him a wonderful and obedient family companion. "

--Vicky H., Oakville

"Lucy is a totally different dog these days since you have come into our lives. This [Leash-free Nature Hike] is exactly what she was missing. I feel so much better now that she is happier and healthier.
Thanks again for the picture and I am glad she is having fun!"

--Krystal B., Oakville

"Thank you very much for making Forrest's days so much fun. We are glad that we found him a caring friend and lots of puppies to play with.
He is looking forward to next week."

--Jan, Fred & Forrest, Oakville

"I immediately sensed that Alison was a genuine dog loving person when I first met her, and she continues to prove this in our day to day contact.

The excitement that Jasmine shows when Alison comes to pick her up displays how much she looks forward to going out with Alison and her doggy friends. Alison does wonderful long plays in the park and Jasmine is always returned home happy, exercised and ready for a little rest.

It gives us peace of mind to know that Alison provides an environment that our Jasmine is comfortable in and we know that she is being well taken care of. We feel very confident leaving her with Alison and Abby, her black lab, while we go away.

We find Alison very professional and reliable and she continues to foster our trust."

--Marsha, Dan and Jasmine, Oakville
"I moved to Burlington a month ago and needed to find a dog walker for my 10 month chocolate lab Hugo. I found See Spot Walk on the internet, met with Alison and had found a perfect match for Hugo. In seeing Alison interact with Hugo I knew he would be in good hands everyday.

It gives me such a peace of mind to know that he's getting a nice long walk, burning some of that puppy energy and most importantly (to him) a chance to play with all of his new friends. Alison leaves a note after every walk so I know how he's doing...the good and the puppy shenanigans!

I am very thankful for Alison and See Spot Walk."

--Meghan I. & Hugo, Burlington

"I discovered 'See Spot Walk' on the internet whilst looking for someone with whom I would be happy to leave our much loved Cockapoo puppy, Miffy! As this would be the very first time of leaving Miffy in someone else's care for more than a day it was especially important that we chose the right option.

Alison and I arranged to meet up at her home to enable us to chat and see how Miffy and her dog Abby got on together. Straightaway, Alison interacted with Miffy and after she explained how she operates her business I had no hesitation in choosing her as the right option.

During our recent weeks holiday Alison emailed us with updates (and even a photograph) and it certainly made us feel in touch - even at a distance.

On our return Miffy was very excited to see us, but at the same time still had lots of kisses for Alison, which confirmed to me that she had been well looked after and was happy.

Miffy had obviously been well exercised and had clearly enjoyed her week stay. I would thoroughly recommend Alison to anyone looking for a 'home away from home' place for their pet allowing the vacation to be enjoyed without worrying."

--Judith N., Oakville

"Approximately 2 months ago, we were at wit's end with our dog Chase. Although he was a very good puppy, our sweet, cuddly 1.5 year old chocolate lab and Weimaraner cross started his terrible two's. A common trait of Weimaraners, Chase has anxiety and does not care to be left alone and he was sure to let us know this.

Luckily this all changed the week we began using See Spot Walk. Chase has returned to the good natured, relaxed and happy boy that he has always been. Since we started using See Spot Walk Chase has not destroyed a single item, not even when left alone on the weekends. More importantly, Chase's day now involves a long adventure with Alison and other dogs, where he is able to run, play and get rid of his anxious energy. By the time my husband and I return home, Chase is ready for dinner and a relaxing evening and so are we. Our stress and anxiety has also been reduced as we don't have to worry as much about the traffic, or a late GO train, as we know Chase has had some exercise and a chance to get outside.

I highly recommend See Spot Walk. We are extremely happy with their services and will be using them long into the future!"

--Julie and Paul T., Burlington

"Responsible, caring and experienced, See Spot Walk is there for your pet when you can't be. Highly recommended by our own dog, Audrey."

--Anna S. and Kim B., Oakville

"Thank you! It is a wonderful feeling to know Stella is getting a fun walk everyday with you and the other dogs. She is so settled and satisfied and we know it has a lot to do with her daily adventures. We really appreciate the daily note as well, letting us know what happened that day. Thanks again Alison! We really appreciate your services!"

--Amanda and Colin L., Burlington

"This is the first time we have left a dog with an in-home sitter. We felt that Alison completely bonded with our dog, Allie, and really understood her behaviors. Her Abby was a great bonus as our 18 month old Golden Doodle loves to play. I would not hesitate to use her services again, nor recommend her to anyone who truly cares about who they leave their family member with."

--Kelly S. and Doug F., Oakville

"I can't tell you what a relief it is to be able to go to work and know that you are coming to see the doggies, especially the tiny one. Thank you for your notes and updates. Your notes are the highlight of my day."

--Cathi M., Oakville

"I have never left my dog alone except with a babysitter and I am very, very selective as to who that babysitter can be. Only a few in the world are eligible to care for Sable when I am away - without hesitation, Alison is one of them!

The care and treatment that she offers any dog that I have seen her interact with is a statement in itself. They come from all different breeds and mindsets yet Alison treats them with gentle kindness.

See Spot Walk is on my short list and I have no problem telling people why that is!"

--Lisa C., London

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